20 May 2013

Saving Your Recipes Is Easy With ZipList!


Several readers have asked for a way to easily save my recipes to an online recipe box rather than having to print them out all the time.

I've seen recipe boxes on huge recipe and brand websites, but figured something such as that would be out of the scope of this blog, let alone, it's not a feature offered by Google (where this blog resides).

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, Spend With Pennies, the other day and noticed a handy "save recipe" feature, which I investigated and was fortunate enough to be led to the ZipList folks.

Signing up for a recipe box is easy!  Just visit ZipList and follow the simple steps. You can even log in with social media accounts. You can also create a shopping list with the same app!  And yep, they have mobile versions too!

Now, once you have your recipe box set up on ZipList, you can easily save any recipe on this blog.  All you do is click on the "Save Recipe" button, and that's all there is to it!

Any time you ever want to get to your ZipList Recipe Box, all you have to do is click on "Recipe Box" in my main navigation menu, and there you are!

I do hope everyone enjoys this new feature as much as I do!


sophialinn said...

Ziplist is the best! so easy.everything in one spot and you can add any comments or mods you make to your recipe.

Carole said...

Just stopped by to let you know you've been featured today over at Carole's Chatter. Cheers

Judith Hannemann said...

Thanks Carole!